No somriguis que menamoro (Clàssica) (Catalan Edition)

Traduzione in italiano e testo originale delle diverse versioni del celebre e bellissimo Passare la vita nel peccato e nella infelicità (1) In questa versione, la più nota, la storia è raccontata al maschile, come nelle versioni di ad Est, come quella illustrata sotto) e il nome, in definitiva, potrebbe essere del tutto casuale.

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From there, you went on to lecture in French, first at Brandeis University, and now at Tufts University, where you have taught for 17 years! Throughout your teaching career, you have gone above and beyond to design new French courses and curricula. For instance, about 20 years ago, you developed an innovative teaching method which placed cinema at the heart of teaching French. This pedagogy is unique in its use of films for class discussion, learning French and discovering French culture.

And its publication prompted the creation of a series of texts for learning Spanish, German, Italian, Russian and Portuguese through film. This method of teaching is now used in around American universities! And you have become the face of all things French at Tufts, acting as the faculty advisor for the French Society and the French Table!

Chapter 14.

As an advisor to students in the French major, you help guide the next generation of students who are passionate about our language and culture, an essential work indeed! You are well-loved within the Tufts community as an accessible faculty member. For more than 20 years you have been an active promoter of French language and culture in the United States.

As a graduate of both French and American institutions, you are also a unique ambassador for both countries. You have now made your home at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, where you have been the Coordinator of the French Major, and have acted as the chairwoman of the World Languages and Cultures department since During this time you used your passion and energy to develop the French major at UMass Lowell, growing the number of students as well as professors.

You also expanded the French program to include courses that go above and beyond the traditional offerings, such as those exploring Francophone cultures, French literature, or Senegalese cinema. Your dedication to your students and your desire to see them grow in a multicultural context are inspiring: indeed, you sent several of your students in France to be teaching assistants, through the Teaching Assistant Program in France organized by the French Embassy in the United States.

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Thus, you play an important role in preparing the next generation to be open-minded and excited about cultural exchanges. Brady--equally modest--translated the Aeneid in rivalry of Dryden. Such commonplace authors could hardly compose a version that would have a stable foundation or promise of long existence. But few of Tate and Brady's hymns are now seen in our church-collections of Hymns and Psalms. To them we owe, however, these noble lines, which were written thus The first edition of these psalms was printed in , and bore this title, "The Book of Psalms, a new version in metre fitted to the tunes used in Churches.

Tate and N. In New England Tate and Brady's Psalms became more universally popular,--not, however, without fierce opposing struggles from the older church-members at giving up the venerated "Bay Psalm-Book. Precentor to the Charter House London. Climes--Countries differing in length of days.

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Detracting--Lessening one's credit. Theam--Matter of Discourse. Uncessant--Never ceasing. Baxter said of Patrick, "His holy affection and harmony hath so far reconciled the Nonconformists that diverse of them use his Psalms in their congregation. Some of his verses read thus A version of the Psalms which seems to have demanded and deserved more attention than it received was written by Cotton Mather. He was doomed to disappointment in seeing his version adopted by the New England churches just as his ambitions and hopes were disappointed in many other ways.

This book was published in It was called "Psalterium Americanum. A Book of Psalms in a translation exactly conformed unto the Original; but all in blank verse. Fitted unto the tunes commonly used in the Church. After each psalm were introduced explanations written in Mather's characteristic manner,--a manner both scholarly and bombastic.

I have read the "Psalterium Americanum" with care, and am impressed with its elegance, finish, and dignity. It is so popular, however, even now-a-days, to jibe at poor Cotton Mather, that his Psalter does not escape the thrusts of laughing critics. Glass, the English critic, holds up these lines as "one of the rich things:" I have read these lines over and over again, and fail to see anything very ludicrous in them, though they might be slightly altered to advantage.

Still they may be very absurd and laughable from an English point of view. So superior was Cotton Mather's version to the miserable verses given in "The Bay Psalm-Book" that one wonders it was not eagerly accepted by the New England churches. In , Mr. Scapa and two partners founded a small consulting activity in the new field of computer-aided-engineering.

Today, the company employs over 2, employees with more than 82 offices throughout 25 countries.

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Through Mr. Scapa's leadership, the company is now a leading global provider of simulation technology and engineering services that empower client innovation and decision-making. With over 5, clients, Altair serves the automotive, aerospace, government and defense, heavy equipment industry sectors as well as the consumer products, ship building, energy, electronics, life sciences, and architecture engineering and construction markets.

Prior to establishing Altair, Scapa served as an engineering consultant to the automotive industry, beginning his career with Ford Motor Company in Scapa holds a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Columbia University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Michigan. Morof is responsible for Altair's global corporate financial strategy. A veteran financial executive of 30 years, Mr. Morof has extensive experience with high growth companies as well as expertise in capital markets, mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures.

Morof joined Altair in from North American Bancard, one of America's largest independent merchant and credit card processing companies, where he served as chief financial officer for five years.

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Previously, he held chief financial officer roles at FMF Capital, a wholesale mortgage banking company, and Broder Bros. Morof is a certified public accountant, having earned his master's degree in taxation at Walsh College and his Bachelor of Business Administration at the University of Michigan.

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He joined Altair in as an engineering consultant, and has held a variety of positions since, including managing the North Central region for the Americas operation, and as Vice President of the Americas region in With a strong technical background and business acumen, he has managed significant growth in all of his positions, while building an impressive team of business leaders worldwide.

His leadership skills continue to produce strong, profitable growth today, while planning for sustained business success in the years to come. James Dagg Chief Technical Officer James Dagg is the chief technical officer for Altair's modeling, visualization and math-based solutions and strategy. With a primary responsibility to create an exceptional user experience across Altair's entire software portfolio, Mr.

Dagg's organization is focused on making Altair's simulation, math and optimization technologies available to a broader audience to accelerate sound business and product design decisions. For more than 25 years, Mr. Dagg has been a visionary behind Altair's software strategy and development activities.

Prior to his role as CTO, Mr. In this role, he was responsible for leading the development of its concept design technologies, Inspire and Evolve. Dagg joined Altair in where he worked as a structural analyst and as a multi-body dynamics analyst in the field of vehicle dynamics. He then transitioned to a software development role in where he was responsible for both custom and commercial software projects. Beginning in and for more than a decade, Mr.

Uwe Schramm is the chief technical officer for Altair's solvers, optimization and smart multi-physics solutions and strategy. Beyond developing computational engines for speed and accuracy to solve today's most complex engineering problems, his organization is committed to developing and deeply embedding optimization technology throughout Altair's software portfolio to spur innovation and to drive the design process. Holding senior management positions at Altair over the past 18 years and globally recognized for his research contributions in structural and multi-disciplinary optimization, Dr.

Schramm brings a unique blend of deep technical and business management expertise to his role as CTO. Schramm joined Altair in as an Engineering Manager following a career in academia at the University of Virginia and University of Rostock. In , Dr. Schramm was promoted to Director and relocated from Germany to California to oversee the development of Altair's optimization technologies and to build a western region consulting practice.

Moving back to Germany in , Dr. Schramm assumed responsibility for Altair's German operations as Managing Director.

Schramm received his Dipl. Masters degree and Dr. Doctorate degree in Solid Mechanics in and as well as his Dr.