No somriguis que menamoro (Clàssica) (Catalan Edition)

Traduzione in italiano e testo originale delle diverse versioni del celebre e bellissimo Passare la vita nel peccato e nella infelicità (1) In questa versione, la più nota, la storia è raccontata al maschile, come nelle versioni di ad Est, come quella illustrata sotto) e il nome, in definitiva, potrebbe essere del tutto casuale.

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Now, to pick a bone, on the other hand is a long and laborious job. First you need to crack the bone in order to get to the delicious marrow inside. Therefore, a bone to pick is a matter or issue that is expected to require considerable discussion or argument. I really felt at home and would like to recommend to all students who want to learn English properly to come to Bloomsbury. Latest Idiom List of Idioms. Idiom Have a bone to pick with someone. Meaning To want to talk to someone about something annoying that they have done.

Origin Imagine two dogs and one bone. Did you or did you not borrow my favourite jumper without asking? Please type your full name. Invalid email address. They work hard, for their spirits, for their magic, for their community. Work hard, and the respect comes. Give respect and give it the right way, to the right people , and respect will be given in return. I am not a product of my environment, the environment is a product of me. The trick here is this: how do you choose to act?

Or, how do you choose to REact? Time is precious. So is energy.

have a bone to pick

The village dog will bark and lunge at the passing lion, and to his brethren he may seem absolutely fearless, and the lion cowardly for not engaging. And in the tiny world of the village dog, the lion is a coward. But in the world of the lion, the little dog is not worth even a passing thought. He has cubs to protect, and hyenas to kill. He will not waste his precious time on a skinny, flea-ridden village dog. He is entirely above that petty nonsense. They should be worrying about themselves. Otherwise, it really makes me question what the hell their motives are in the first place.

Where do you choose to channel that energy?

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Then I begin to wonder when a fervent prayer on social media becomes just a string of hollow words, and a pretty altar just that—pretty, with no actual substance. Conduct yourself accordingly. However—having an ego is much like having a penis. For more information and to sign up do please check out their Facebook page. We are everywhere. We are in your homes, your workplaces, your churches, covens, iles and yes, your munansos. We have been beaten, robbed, stabbed, and shot. We have been snuffed, silenced and mocked.

Our blood is on the walls and floors of the only safe spaces we have. We risk everything—literally everything—just to love our partners and live our truths, and we continue to do so despite the awful violence being visited upon us.

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Ask yourselves: is this not what warriors do? I am a transgender queer man who is in a relationship with another man. And, I am a Palero. I am unashamed of who I am and what I am. I am strong in myself and in my ancestors. I along with so many others like me have fought and endured a lot to live and love my truth. Contrary to popular images of hexing, blood and violence, my elders taught me that to be a Palero is to be a healer; to minister to the living and to the dead. Now more than ever we as spirit-workers need to step up to the plate, light our fires and raise our voices.

We need to be as lions roaring in the night, broadcasting our truths, amplifying the voices of the living and the dead who have been silenced by violence and prejudice, in whichever hideous form it takes racism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, etc. So much suffering could be avoided if we spent more time trying to understand one another. The tragedy in Orlando should not be further dividing us along lines of religion or gender or skin color, it should unite us.

But this is the duty that has been left us. We cannot let fear, cowardice and the actions of the broken and corrupted control us. So yes, light candles and say prayers, but go one step further. Take to the streets, extend a hand, be there for someone. To all of my queer sisters and brothers: You are not alone.

You matter. Your life has meaning and value. Stand strong in your ancestors and spirits, keep the faith, and reach out.

Oliver Koletzki - I have a bone to pick with you

And know that you are not alone, because we are everywhere. I rarely have anything serious to complain about in my life, but today was a rough day. On top of it all, my bank is late depositing my check in my account. I think I transited all those phases today. I question my faith, and feel like the whole world has gone mad around me. So I need to fix this somehow. First, a bit of background: I live on the east coast, just a little bit inland from the Chesapeake Bay.

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The bay is like a second home to me. I called her Mother, and thinking back on it, after initiating into Palo, how ironic that would all come be. I was both flying, and at the same time one with Her. One day while we were out cruising the bay, we encountered an enormous ship cruising into port. It was a merchant freighter, one of the largest of its kind.

A floating city; each one of its propellers the size of our house a 2-story. I was awestruck. My father gradually guided our craft closer, but it was a dangerous gamble, as our little toy boat could get dragged by the wake of this great leviathan. We drew up to the port side of the ship, and looking straight up, the hull looked like an enormous wall shooting straight up into the sky. But at the very top of this wall I could perceive dark faces and people moving about. This ship had come from the African continent, and who knows how long it had been since the crew had seen other human faces other than their own, after being out in the open sea for so long.

For my young self, it was like seeing people from another world. But see…. That was our Mother. She was a liminal space where people from all over the world could meet.

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I remember standing up on the bow of the boat and waving and waving. To my surprise and delight, the crew looking over the side broke into smiles and waved back.

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I wonder how I must have looked to them, perhaps like some tiny monkey clinging to the front of a little toy boat. But I wanted more. I thrust my tiny hand in the air, making a fist at them, then pulled it down, gesturing someone pulling on a lever. Several minutes passed. Alright, I recall my father saying. My heart sank, but I understood. My dad started the engine, and made to angle the boat back out and away from the ship.

The sound slammed down on us like a hammer, vibrating throughout the bay and bellowing through the air, drowning out the sound of other boat engines, the calling of the birds, our own voices. It made a long blast and several shorter ones. What I recall is a feeling that I can only express as utter joy and ecstasy. And then there they were—smiling faces, laughing, dancing and jumping up and down and waving.

I waved back. I bounced, I cried, I shouted. And it was there, that singular moment, where people from across the world connected.

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I compare that time to what happened when I was a child, and what a strange dichotomy it is. I think about the magic that is the Chesapeake, and I think about how strangers from another part of the world performed an act of kindness for a kid they would only ever see in passing. I think about it over twenty years later, and I still smile. When I find myself becoming too bitter, I summon up that memory, and I smile. In the lap of the great Mother Chesapeake, in that moment, we traded not in goods or human bodies but in joy and smiles.

And also, maybe perhaps, hope as well. Usually, due to my crazy work schedule and other rhythms of the day, I tend to miss these shows live. Candelo has no problem bringing up controversial topics and cultivating much-needed discussion. In his latest show, he invited the folks from Crescent City Conjure over to discuss a variety of important and interesting topics related to conjure and Palo. One of these was homosexuality and the role of women in Palo. Deeply important. It needs to be talked about more. It needs to be written about more. I am strong in my ancestors, many of which were men and women who went to battle together for a common cause.

The true measure of a warrior is not what sits on their chest or between their legs, or who they love, but in the strength they possess and the skill with which they wield their weapon. Ultimately, the ones that have the problem are the ones who point their fingers. They have no effect on me, and it would be a waste of my time to address them.

A Bone to Pick

I have places to go, and Work to do. The endpoint, what it all boils down to, is Spirit. As the speakers on the show pointed out—and something that my godmother and I have said time and again—is that while humans have their own agendas, Spirit speaks raw truth and comes out clear. If Spirit calls you to a certain role or path, then that is that. Gender politics have no place within the dictates of Spirit.