No somriguis que menamoro (Clàssica) (Catalan Edition)

Traduzione in italiano e testo originale delle diverse versioni del celebre e bellissimo Passare la vita nel peccato e nella infelicità (1) In questa versione, la più nota, la storia è raccontata al maschile, come nelle versioni di ad Est, come quella illustrata sotto) e il nome, in definitiva, potrebbe essere del tutto casuale.

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Four more drafts of the script were written. Although Dirty Harry is arguably Clint Eastwood's signature role, he was not a top contender for the part. Scott claimed that he was initially offered the role, but the script's violent nature led him to turn it down.

Although ABC wanted to turn it into a television film, the amount of violence in the script was deemed excessive for television, so the rights were sold to Warner Bros. Warner Bros. Sinatra was 55 at the time and since the character of Harry Callahan was originally written as a man in his mid-to-late 50s and Eastwood was then only 41 , Sinatra fit the character profile.

Initially, Warner Bros. John Milius was asked to work on the script when Sinatra was attached, along with Kershner as director. Milius claimed he was requested to write the screenplay for Sinatra in three weeks. Details about the film were first released in film industry trade papers in April. After Sinatra left the project, the producers started to consider younger actors for the role. Burt Lancaster turned down the lead role because he strongly disagreed with the violent, end-justifies-the-means moral of the story.

He believed the role and plot contradicted his belief in collective responsibility for criminal and social justice and the protection of individual rights. Believing the character was too "right-wing" for him, Newman suggested that the film would be a good vehicle for Eastwood. The screenplay was initially brought to Eastwood's attention around by Jennings Lang. Warner Bros offered him the part while still in post-production for his directorial debut film Play Misty for Me.

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By December 17, , a Warner Brothers studio press release announced that Clint Eastwood would star in as well as produce the film through his company, Malpaso. Eastwood was given a number of scripts, but he ultimately reverted to the original as the best vehicle for him.

I said, 'I'm only interested in the original script'. They had Marine snipers coming on in the end. And I said, 'No. This is losing the point of the whole story, of the guy chasing the killer down. It's becoming an extravaganza that's losing its character. Scorpio was loosely based on the real-life Zodiac Killer , an unidentified serial killer who had committed five murders in the San Francisco Bay Area several years earlier. In a later novelization of the film, Scorpio was referred to as "Charles Davis", a former mental patient from Springfield, Massachusetts who murdered his grandparents as a teenager.

Audie Murphy was initially considered to play Scorpio, but he died in a plane crash before his decision on the offer could be made. Eastwood had seen Robinson in a play called Subject to Fits and recommended him for the role of Scorpio; his unkempt appearance fit the bill for a psychologically unbalanced hippie.

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Robinson's portrayal was so memorable that after the film was released he was reported to have received several death threats and was forced to get an unlisted telephone number. In real life, Robinson is a pacifist who deplores the use of firearms. Early in principal photography on the film, Robinson would reportedly flinch in discomfort every time he was required to use a gun. As a result, Siegel was forced to halt production briefly and sent Robinson for brief training in order to learn how to fire a gun convincingly. Milius says his main contribution to the film was "a lot of guns.

And the attitude of Dirty Harry, being a cop who was ruthless. I think it's fairly obvious if you look at the rest of my work what parts are mine. The cop being the same as the killer except he has a badge.

And being lonely I wanted it to be like Stray Dog ; I was thinking in terms of Kurosawa's detective films. In my script version, there's just more outrageous Milius crap where I had the killer in the bus with a flamethrower. I tried to make the guy as outrageous as possible. I had him get a police photographer to take a picture of him with all the kids lined up at the school — he kidnaps them at the school, actually — and they showed the picture to the other police after he's made his demands; he wants a to take him away to a country where he'll be free of police harassment [Milius laughs uproariously], terrible things like this.

And the children all end up like a graduation picture, and the teacher is saying, "What is that object under Andy Robinson? I think Siegel restrained it enough. Ruger Gallery. Glenn Wright , Eastwood's costume designer since Rawhide , was responsible for creating Callahan's distinctive old-fashioned brown and yellow checked jacket to emphasize his strong values in pursuing crime. His face is clearly visible throughout the shot. Eastwood also directed the suicide-jumper scene.

The line, "My, that's a big one," spoken by Scorpio when Callahan removes his gun, was an ad-lib by Robinson. The crew broke into laughter as a result of the double entendre and the scene had to be re-shot, but the line stayed. The final scene, in which Callahan throws his badge into the water, is a homage to a similar scene from 's High Noon. Siegel argued that tossing the badge was instead Callahan's indication of casting away the inefficiency of the police force's rules and bureaucracy.

One evening Eastwood and Siegel had been watching the San Francisco 49ers in Kezar Stadium in the last game of the season and thought the eerie Greek amphitheater -like setting would be an excellent location for shooting one of the scenes where Callahan encounters Scorpio. In San Francisco, California. In Marin County, California. In Los Angeles County, California. The soundtrack for Dirty Harry was created by composer Lalo Schifrin , who created the iconic music for both the theme of Mission: Impossible and the Bullitt soundtrack, and who had previously collaborated with director Don Siegel in the production of Coogan's Bluff and The Beguiled , both also starring Clint Eastwood.

Schifrin fused a wide variety of influences, including classical music , jazz and psychedelic rock , along with Edda Dell'Orso -style vocals, into a score that "could best be described as acid jazz some 25 years before that genre began". According to one reviewer, the Dirty Harry soundtrack's influence "is paramount, heard daily in movies, on television, and in modern jazz and rock music". The film caused controversy when it was released, sparking debate over issues ranging from police brutality to victims' rights and the nature of law enforcement.

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Feminists in particular were outraged by the film and at the 44th Academy Awards protested outside the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion , holding up banners which read messages such as "Dirty Harry is a Rotten Pig". Jay Cocks of Time praised Eastwood's performance as Dirty Harry, describing him as "giving his best performance so far, tense, tough, full of implicit identification with his character".


Since its release, the film's critical reputation has grown in stature. A generation later, Dirty Harry is now regarded as one of the best films of In , Time Out polled several film critics, directors, actors and stunt actors to list their top action films. John Milius later said he loved the film. It's larger than the sum of its parts; I don't think it's so brilliantly written or so brilliantly acted. Siegel can take more credit than anyone for it.

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Warner Home Video owns rights to the Dirty Harry series. The studio first released the film to VHS and Betamax in Annand, Alan. Scorpio Rising , Toronto: Sextile. Navamsa Accessed September 20, Disclaimer: The information on this website is not intended to substitute advice from your physician or health-care professional. Before beginning any health or diet program, consult your physician.

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