No somriguis que menamoro (Clàssica) (Catalan Edition)

Traduzione in italiano e testo originale delle diverse versioni del celebre e bellissimo Passare la vita nel peccato e nella infelicità (1) In questa versione, la più nota, la storia è raccontata al maschile, come nelle versioni di ad Est, come quella illustrata sotto) e il nome, in definitiva, potrebbe essere del tutto casuale.

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For instance, in "the albino inside you" written in second person , the "you" figure is sure that he has seen a white-colored apparition flit by, and he convinces himself that the apparition, when it again appears, will take the form of a "tall and heavy" albino man who will be waiting for him in the bathroom. He obsesses on the idea, though the albino is never there. Much of the story is set in Vienna, there is a young psychiatrist character, and individual dreams are both described in detail and analyzed, suggesting that much of what "you" are experiencing could indeed be part of a diseased Freudian dreamscape, or else a symptom of madness.

And what to make of the fact that there is a character named Frau Braun, not to mention that "you" is fairly certain he has glimpsed an angel's "right wing"? The albino is not the only apparition-perceived or otherwise-to appear in the collection. At the end of "smoke," the protagonist Rauch, whose house has been struck by lightening, realizes that he himself has died and become a ghost.

The first hint of this comes when a man wearing black looks straight through him at a coffee shop.

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He flees the shop in terror and, once outside, sees his old friend who had died months earlier approaching with outstretched hand, a sure sign that both are phantoms. And so: Disturbed, perturbed, I want to check this, hope it's untrue, get up, walk over to the mirror on the nearby wall, stop, look, stand stunned, aghast! So it's not I who stands in front of the mirror but my father, that is I am the father and not the son!

Similarly, the narrator of "the pain machine"-which plays with the French word for bread "pain" and the English word "pain"-does not remember very many details about his own situation. Subscribe now to be the first to hear about specials and upcoming releases.

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  • Description of this Book Tail of the Taniwha is a collection of short stories by writer, poet and playwright Courtney Sina Meredith that builds on the themes and ideas of her signature publications, Brown Girls in Bright Red Lipstick and the award-winning play, Rushing Dolls. Tail of the Taniwha is her smashing debut collection.

    There is a lot of energy in the prose and on the strength of the observations and insights along the way we trust the voice. Author's Bio In , Meredith became the youngest artist and the first New Zealander and Pacific Islander in the history of the LiteraturRaum project to be invited to Germany as writer-in-residence for the Bleibtreu Berlin.

    Tail of the Taniwha: A Collection of Short Stories

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    Description Additional information Reviews 0 Description A body gradually shrinks to an eye that sees its own end.